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Compatibility - It's Lonely at the Top


Sunday we spent the WHOLE DAY unplugged.

No phones.

No checking email.

No social media.

It was glorious and a little weird to be honest.

We went for a long walk.  Our wine country dogs Bear...

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Love = Compatibility + Connection + Commitment


If you want us to GUIDE you through this same EFFECTIVE step-by-step process to find the man you want, watch this training on our 4-Step Relationship Funnel

Hiccup had no...

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Anonymous Confessions from a Married Nurse Practitioner

ANONYMOUS CONFESSIONS in Success, Happiness & Love
Here's what one nurse practitioner confessed to us......
My husband and I both prioritize our marriage. We would quit...
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Are you a Thermometer or a Thermostat?


Are you a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

Choose one thing you're going to think or feel no matter what is happening around you and let us know what it is below.

If you want help creating an...

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DATING APPS that WORK - Are Online Dating Sites or Apps Not Working for You?


Learn how to FIND the kind of man you want online.

There are 4-Steps to our Relationship Funnel

1. Find

2. Attract

3. Connect

4. Select

Take our assessment to find out where you're...

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