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Opposite Timelines


“What do I do if I meet a guy that I really like but we have opposite timelines?”

One of you asked us this question.

It’s hard to find someone you are excited about, have...

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Does He Know You're Interested?

Are you 100% confident that the men you like the most know that you want to see them again?

Does a guy know that you are interested?

Here are some signs that he DOESN’T know you are...

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Casual to Committed

“Is there something I can do to get a guy to go from casual to committed?”

We have a checklist for this.

Before you can really have your answer, you have to ask yourself these specific...

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Meeting Offline

Is it possible to meet a great guy offline today?

Should you put time into meeting someone offline when you already have a full life?

Is there any real kind of “strategy” for meeting a...

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Men Don't Understand Me

“Men don’t seem to understand how much I work or how hard I work. My free time is valuable, so I don’t want to spend it with just anyone. I am more ambitious than most guys I...
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Stop Quitting

Ever get burned out on dating and put it on the back burner?

Feel like it’s just not worth your time?

Yet somehow, even after taking months off, something ALWAYS brings you back to...

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First Dates

Are you trying to rule men out on a first date?

What are you thinking about going into a first date?

Most people go into a first date thinking..."I need to figure out if there are any red flags...

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Don't Settle

What if you find someone who has some (but not all) of the qualities you are looking for?

Is that enough?

Should you settle because something better might not come along?



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Try This!


"What do I do when guys respond to my hooks just by answering my questions and not asking me anything back?"

Great question from a great client and I am going to tell you exactly what to...

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How to Command Attention from High Caliber Men

When you are stuck in the forever single cycle, one of the biggest shifts you can make is to start COMMANDING ATTENTION FROM HIGH CALIBER MEN.

Most women ARE NOT commanding attention from the...

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