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How to Trust Again to have the Relationship You Want

Today you’re going to learn how to trust again and WHY it’s important.

Hey it's Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn,

Do people have to PROVE themselves to you before you show them who you...

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Text this to the Man You're Dating


Text this to the Man You're Dating - The 5 Digital Love Languages.

Coach Yourself Girl with Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael helps you create Success, Happiness, & Love in your life.

Learn how to...

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Men are insecure around you

The men who are the most ATTRACTED to you and INTERESTED in you are often the LEAST confident around you.

We are all contextually confident.

We are very confident in some contexts and not confident...

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How to Have the Relationship You Want

Having the Relationship you WANT is a result of....

** your dating & relationship SKILLS

** implementing an effective PLAN

** following a simple SCHEDULE

** a little bit of LUCK You can't...

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Set Yourself a SHOT CLOCK on dating sites/apps

Want to save yourself A LOT of time in dating?

Want to stop overthinking & overcomplicating dating?

One of the most help actions you can take in trying to FIND the right guy is to set yourself...

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Dragging his feet?

Is it hard to FIND a desirable man who wants a real relationship?

A guy who wants commitment?

A guy who will stop all the games and get into real love with you?

For many amazing women they only...

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I am terrified right now. 

I just saw a message that is being widespread to women and it is 100% DISempowering and WRONG.

The message is that a man won't commit until he is...

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Sunday NON-Fun Day

It's Sunday. Again.

Monday through Saturday didn’t seem so bad.

Sunday though. Sunday sucks.

Everyone’s busy on Sunday.

They’re coupled up.

Sundays are made for couples and...

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We did it

We realized today that we have accomplished an INSANE feat over the last decade.

We did it. 

We’ve been in a happy, loving relationship for over 13 years now (11 years married).


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Some people really piss me off.

We took our son to Disneyland the other day.

I know, I know. Who willing signs up for torture?!

I actually saw a guy with a t-shirt on that said “Forced Family...

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