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Who's Infiltrating Your Mind & Decisions?



We shot a brand new video for YOU talking about WHO’S INFILTRATING YOUR MIND.

You don’t want to take advice from anybody and everybody.

You don’t want other people, even...

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Live in the Present - 5 Minute Mindfulness & Meditation

We’ve got a treat for you today, but before we get to that you want to know this…..

In relationships, it’s almost never a straight line to getting it right.

There is often a...

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It Feels Impossible Till it's Done

On TEAM ARN we dedicate time and energy to creating an unbeatable mindset.

We know that you can have the best strategies in the world (that’s what we teach you ladies) but if you don’t...

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Focus, Perseverance and Action Taking - Today's Mindset Elixir

Today we are hitting you with a powerful mindset elixir to help you conquer your week.

It isn’t enough to use the best strategies to meet the right person or do anything big successfully.


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Thriving during the Holidays - 5 Minute Mindfulness & Meditation

This is 5 Minute Mindfulness and Meditation

5 minutes to create an unbeatable mindset, to be emotionally fit and to exercise your mind and body.

Today’s 5 MMM is all about Thriving during...

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Respond vs. React - Create an Unbeatable Mindset

Create an Unbeatable Mindset by learning to Respond instead of React in your life.

Coach Yourself Girl with Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael helps you create Success, Happiness, & Love in your...

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Emotion and Relaxation Techniques

There are relaxation techniques that help you deeply relax, reduce stress and calm your nervous system.

Other relaxation techniques help ADD energy to your life. To change your state and...

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Take CONTROL of your day

Hey it's Ashley flying solo today,

Most of us spend our day reacting to others and to our environment.

Taking a few minutes each morning to give yourself some TLC and put your day in YOUR control,...

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What do I want in life? How to Get Clarity on Where You are Going

What do I want ….

In life..

In a relationship….

In my career

In a man…

There is nothing more powerful than getting real clarity on what you want.

To be honest most people...

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The #1 way your Brain SABOTAGES your SUCCESS in Love & Life


What if……(there are no great single men in your city)

Are you looking to meet a great man?

Do you want to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of?

Do you have other life...

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