What Makes a Man WANT to Commit to You


What makes a man want to commit to the right woman?

The number one thing we hear from women every single day is that they only meet men who are NOT looking for the one thing they want---a...

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What do I want in life? How to Get Clarity on Where You are Going

What do I want ….

In life..

In a relationship….

In my career

In a man…

There is nothing more powerful than getting real clarity on what you want.

To be honest most people...

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Doing the right things and STILL not finding love?


Today Michael is going to talk with you about one of the most important KEYS to having the relationship you want.

If you’ve been doing all the “right things” in dating and still...

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Bumble App Review – Learn How to Bumble


Today we review the Bumble App and teach you how to use bumble to meet the person you’re looking for.

Hi it’s Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn,

Bumble is one of the most popular free...

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Are you an Attractive Woman Struggling in Dating?


If you're a woman who has everything except when it comes to your love life and you're ready to have the relationship you want, book a call to talk with us here: http://findlovefix.com


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The #1 way your Brain SABOTAGES your SUCCESS in Love & Life


What if……(there are no great single men in your city)

Are you looking to meet a great man?

Do you want to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed of?

Do you have other life...

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How to Fix a Relationship - Is he the One? Can your relationship go the distance?!



Catch us LIVE here on Facebook every Wednesday at 4pm pacific/7pm Eastern to create Success, Happiness &...

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One Courageous Decision

She couldn’t wait any longer.  She HAD TO DECIDE right now.

There wasn’t a clear cut best choice.

Either decision had big risks and downsides.

The pit in her stomach felt massive...

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Getting the Right Persons ATTENTION is harder than ever before!


Getting the Right Persons ATTENTION is harder than ever before!

Be inspired and Get the Best Strategies for Love, Success, & Happiness!

Video: Youtube.com/c/DrAshleyDrMichaelArn


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How to know if He's the ONE!


Book a time to talk with us and we will help you map out the next steps: http://findlovefix.com

If you prefer to chat on facebook messenger with us go here: http://m.me/DrMichaelDrAshley...

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