The Part-Time 7 Figure Coach: A Manifesto to Love What You Do, Make More Money, & Work Less


We are here to help people do work that inspires them while having enough time, energy and money to enjoy their passions and to have fulfilling relationships with people they care about.

We imagine a world in which coaches spend most of their days with people they care about and enjoying their passions, while spending small amounts of time doing inspiring work they love.

We believe the best way to create this world is to help coaches build part-time 7 figure coaching businesses.

This is a completely different business model and coaching method than what is taught or popular in the coaching industry. 

A part-time 7 figure coaching business, is a trust-based boutique business that avoids serving the masses of people in the world and only serves a specific type of client.  

A trust-based boutique coaching business like this is fun, highly profitable and truly helps clients transform their lives.

This is a business model for coaches who don't want to be famous.

Who don't want to be influencers.

Who don't want to scale a big coaching business with lots of employees, with thousands of clients and lots of stress.

They don't want to spend all of their time creating content, marketing or selling their services.

They want to spend their working hours as EXPERTS who are truly masterful at and love what they do. 

This isn't for most people. 

This is a manifesto for those of you who are called to love what you do, make more money and work less as a coach.

If you're open to it, here's where we lay it out and show you how this is all possible.

Part 1: Why We Choose to Escape the Current Reality of the Masses

Part 2: Why Most Coaches Fail

Part 3: The Principles of a Part-Time 7 Figure Coach

Part 4: The Map to 7 Figures as a Coach

We hope this resonates with you.

If so, you're in the right place.

Please feel free to join our community here and reach out anytime. 


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We're rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley Arn & Dr. Michael Arn